Track 1 Cover

Track 01 - Weapon of Choice is the first Track in Kiwi Blitz. It is named for “Weapon of Choice” by Fatboy Slim. Most pages of this track has been redrawn by Mary Cagle. Ben, Steffi, Francis and the Announcer are shown on the cover.


Police are chasing someone who stole a mech from World War 3. A reporter gives an emergency notification, but then notices Kiwibot on the road. Steffi is using an Elephantbot against a Ratbot in a fight. Ben is giving Steffi advice on how to win the throughout the match. Ratbot gets behind Elephantbot and attempts to drill into Elephantbot's hull, but Steffi does a backflip and lands on top of Ratbot, giving maximum damage to the mech. Steffi receives an award for winning the match and later meets with Francis; her father's assistant, to drive home. Francis asks about the tournament, but Steffi just says that everyone in her division suck. Steffi notices that they're driving down a different route than the usual, but Francis tells her that The Raccoon is planning a heist at the art museum and that all roads there are closed in preparation. Steffi says that the Raccoon seems like a real pain in the ass, but Francis thinks that he's kind of like a comic book villain. She replies that the police are underfunded nowadays, and Francis says that there are supervillians but no superheroes in their city. When they arrive at the Frohlich house, Steffi is surprised when she opens the door to see a birthday party for her. Steffi thought that her dad was going to France for a meeting, but he says he wouldn't miss his daughter's birthday. They eat some cake, and then follow Heinrich to the garage, where he and Ben built a Kiwibot just for Steffi. She is amazed at the mech and starts noting all of it's cool features, but Ben says they'll register Kiwibot for RBL tomorrow. Steffi says that she can use Kiwibot to fight crime, and although Ben disagrees, Heinrich supports his daughter so he will seem like a better parent than Steffi's mother.