Vital statistics
First Appearance Body Movin'
Alias None
Nickname None
Age Unknown (late teen)
Occupation Villain
Nationality Unknown

Tigris is a member of criminal organization Alter.


So far Tigris' background is yet to be revealed, but is obviously an otaku girl whom finally joined Alter and given genetic enhancements that give her tiger-based abilities.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Tigris is best described as a cranky and short-tempered otaku young woman with tiger-themed appearance. In spite of her feline-like attributes, Tigris hates if she called either a "cute and cuddly cat", kitty, or anything that teases the said attributes. Her otaku traits even attributed her dressing style which akin to anime characters and even chooses katana as her main weapon of choice.

Tigris has an intense-to-the-point-of-deadly rivalry with Cebus, and appeared to be aware of her rival's power hungry and psychopathic personality. After nearly killed by the latter, Tigris was left with no choice but to join forces with Frohlichs.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Tigris' weapon of choice is katana and able to use it well. She also appered to have degree of proficiency with guns as well.

Thanks to genetic enhancements that Alter done to her, Tigris' appearance was not only changed to the point where she also looked like anthropomorphic tiger, but also gained speed, strength, and agility of the said animal that made her a formidable opponent. Her tiger powers also enable her to jump very high.