The Raccoon
Raccoon Still
Vital statistics
First Appearance Sneakman
Alias None
Nickname None
Age 11
Occupation Thief
Nationality USA

The Raccoon is an anti-villain in Kiwi Blitz. The Raccoon's a sneak thief, who, as the name implies, dresses in a costume resembling a raccoon.

Background (spoilers)Edit

Bite 7

Sound bite 7, reveals Chandra's Backstory

The Raccoon is actually Chandra Makisig, an eleven year old girl who suffers from acute kleptomania. When she was younger her condition alienated her from her peers and often got her beat up when she'd try to take things from other kids. At some point Chandra fell in with the criminal group Alter and began working for them as a professional thief.


In spite of committing felonies on a regular basis, the Raccoon seems to have a low tolerance for stress and pain and a single punch can cause a complete mental breakdown. But the Raccoon also has high resilience, feeling better after Blitz promised not to turn the Raccoon in. Although, she also dislikes Blitz for harming her fellow Alter friends. Unbeknownst to her however, their current leader, Jones, whom she saw as a sister, actually manipulated her for both her and Alter's gain and sees her as a tool.

Compared to all villains that have been confronted by Blitz so far, she seems to be the least antagonistic from them all.

Trivia Edit

  • Her surname Makisig implies that she has Filipino origins.