In Kiwi Blitz, chapters in the story are referred to as "Tracks." The beginning of a Track is signified with a Track cover page, which includes characters or scenes important to the upcoming plot. The title of each Track is also the title of a song.

Track ListEdit

  1. Weapon of Choice
  2. Omen
  3. Sneakman
  4. Phony
  5. The Warning
  6. Trip Machine
  7. Coward Mont Blanc
  8. I My Me Mine
  9. The Vulture
  10. Take Me To The Hospital
  11. Technologic
  12. Panda Hero
  13. Body Movin'
  14. Mess
  15. Rhythm and Police
  16. Dynamite Rave
  17. The Construct
  18. Just Like We Breakdown
  19. Flashback
  20. Secrets From The Future
  21. Artillery
  22. Kids with Guns
  23. Lone Digger
  24. Showdown
  25. Everybody in the Place

Song Titles UsedEdit

  1. “Weapon of Choice” by Fatboy Slim
  1. “Omen” by The Prodigy
  1. “Sneakman” from the Jet Set Radio OST
  1. “Phony” by Neil Voss
  1. “The Warning” by Hot Chip
  1. “Trip Machine” from DDR
  1. “Yowamushi Mont Blanc” By Deco*27 and Gumi
  2. "I My Me Mine"[1] By 4MINUTE
  3. "The Vulture"[2] By Pendulum
  4. "Take Me To The Hospital"[3] By The Prodigy
  5. "Technologic"[4] By Daft Punk
  6. "Panda Hero"[5] By HACHI
  7. "Body Movin'"[6] By Beastie Boys