This is the only character to be labled as part of Kiwi Blitz but has yet to have appeared in the comic.

Kiwi Blitz is home to many interesting characters.


Steffi Frohlich / The BlitzEdit

Steffi Frohlich is the protagonistof the strip. She's a hyperactive teenage girl with a mechanical left leg who fights crime with the aid of Kiwibot as The Blitz.

Benzene ContractorEdit

Benzene Contractor is Steffi’s childhood friend, and general accessory to her shenanigans. He's a military enthusiast and generally laid back guy.

Heinrich FrohlichEdit

Heinrich Frohlich is Steffi’s father, from Germany. He's the owner of the Mecha Machen design and manufacturing company. He is also an incredibly irresponsible father.


42 is a robot who arrived at the Frohlich residence from Japan, or more specifically from the uncanny valley.

Reed BahiaEdit

Reed Bahia is policeman with the NYPD who's unusually helpful for an authority figure.


The RaccoonEdit

The Raccoon is a young costumed thief who uses a mechanized grappling claw to speed around the city.


Nobody’s sure what this crazy girl’s problem is. She probably has many of them.

Minor CharactersEdit

  • Cho
  • Chief Bahia
  • Jones
  • Employee Lady
  • Cliff Trench
  • Announcer
  • Kurt Scotts & Chris Strauss
  • Unnamed Ram
This character is listed because it appears in a piece of Mary Cagle's art titled "Kiwi Blitz Miscilanea".