Kiwibot is a mecha designed in the shape of a kiwi bird and Steffi Frohlich's primary method of fighting crime. It is also were the "Kiwi" portion of "Kiwi Blitz" comes from, the other half refering to Steffi's superhero alter ego.


Kiwibot was built by Steffi's father Heinrich Frohlich, and given to her as a birthday present. Although originally intended to be used in RBL Tournaments, Steffi decides to use it to fight crime.

At the end of Track 06, Kiwibot ended up in the hands of the police with the plots of tracks 07-09 revolving around recovering Kiwibot.

Weapons and AbilitesEdit



Beak Shot: The Kiwibot's primary attack is to fire its beak as a high-speed projectile. A cable is attached to the back of the beak, allowing it to be reeled back and reset into a firing position. However the beak shot is limited to the distance of the cable which does not appear to extend much further than a few meters, meaning it is best suited for medium- to close-range combat.

Kiwibot Net

The Kiwibot using its net launchers.

Net Launchers: The Kiwibot is equipped with two rectangular net launchers mounted on top of the main body. Most of the time the muzzles of the net launchers are covered by two mechanical irises, but when it is time to fire the irises are opened and the nets are launched. Each net launcher can be fired either simultaneously are one at a time with the maximum load out for each launcher being two nets apiece (for a total of four).

Rocket Jump: The Kiwibot has a pair of rocket propulsion devices attached to the "thigh" section of the bot's legs. These rockets improve the Kiwibot's jumping abilities, allowing it to jump onto the rooves of tall buildings.