Kiwi Blitz Wallpaper by ShikakuSuika

Kiwi Blitz is a webcomic created by Mary Cagle.


Kiwi Blitz began as an entry into a DeviantArt event titled "Steel Nation", where users would create a character and mecha and they would do battle, this was a predecessor to the RBL. Mary's entry contained only Steffi and the Kiwibot. The character lost the Tournament due to insufficient length of the fight scene comics she made.

Mary later added the character Benzene with him piloting a Bearbot. She then reentered the characters into another DeviantArt Mecha Tournament titled "The Law of Talos", redesigning everything with a steampunk atire. The Name "Kiwi Blitz" first appeared in a character reference sheet.

The Comic premiered on DeviantArt on April 17, 2009.

Volume 1Edit

The first five tracks are available in a printed form with adjusted colours, a description of the RBL, and a piece of fanart. Ironically, the comic is smaller than on the website.

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