Margaret aka. Gear
Vital statistics
First Appearance The Warning
Alias Gear
Nickname Maggie
Age 17
Occupation Villain
Nationality USA

Gear is a cybernetic criminal and one of the primary antagonists of the series aside Cebus. Almost all of the left side of her body is prosthetic and her left arm is a combination of a gun and a retracting sword. In spite of her lack of experience in combat, Gear has proven herself to be a deadly supervillain that Blitz has ever faced, specifically since their second confrontation.


Gear and Cebus background

Brief flashback about Margaret (the young Gear) and Jones

Not much is known about Gear's background so far, as the revealed facts about her until this point showed that the young Gear, Margaret, is a survivor of bombings during World War 3 where the said bombings also killed her family. She appeared to share some history with Jones aka Cebus, given to their brief reunion where Cebus proposed a cooperation to killing Steffi for them and may used to be friends. Later on, Margaret showed some fixations with her new cybernetic enhancements during the rehabilitation, which may have inspired her to become a cybernetic supervillain.


Gear is driven by a desire to prove herself and an obsession with defeating/killing "Blitz". She has a disregard for human life bordering on the sociopathic and is unafraid to use people who are unarmed or incapacitated as shields or to rile up her opponent. These personality traits may have stemmed from her loss back in World War 3.

Gear also appears to spend a fair amount of time philosophizing on the exact nature of villainy and what constitutes a "bad guy." Part of the reason why she wants to keep fighting Steffi is to explore the dichotomy between a hero and a villain and seems to be aware that she's set herself up as Steffi's nemesis.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Gear's physical attributes are enhanced thanks to her cybernetic enhancements where her arms can transform into either a gun or combat knife. In spite of these enhancements though, Gear lacks any experience in hand-to hand combat and is easily beaten by Benzene because of it.