Vital statistics
First Appearance TBA
Alias Cebus
Nickname None
Age Unknown
Occupation Alter Leader
Nationality USA

Jones aka. Cebus is a member of Alter whom formerly a double agent of both Alter and N.Y.P.D until when she nearly killed Tigris and immediately usurped the organization that she truly affiliated with and kidnapped Heinrich Frohlich and Reed Bahia.

She revealed as true main antagonist of Kiwi Blitz, and proved to be more dangerous advesary for Steffi Frohlich.


Gear and Cebus background

Brief flashback about Margaret (the young Gear) and Jones

Jones appeared to have some history with Margaret (whom later become supervillain Gear), which is shown where during their conversazation in Flashback, where by the time Margaret was treated due to wounds from the bombing during World War 3, Jones was shown passed through the treated Margaret.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Behind her charisma, manipulative personality and her sister figure side for her (presumed) cousin Chandra aka The Raccoon, Jones is actually a psychopathic, cold-hearted and power hungry woman whom seeing her subordinate as mere pawn and valuing results and her own agenda above all. Her reasons to usurp Alter's leadership by causing it's leader Hircus arrested as well as attempt murder on his subordinate Tigris to preserve her rank was the proof of her power hungry nature. Most of Jones' darkest nature are hidden by very calm and reserved exterior even in front of those whom showed hostility on her.

Aside impressive hand-to-hand combat skills that enable her to swiftly defeated Reed in spite of the latter's advantage sue to had prosthetic arm, most of her skills are yet to be revealed. Given to reasons why Tigris resorts to join forces with Steffi and her allies, Jones may more dangerous than she looks should her charisma and leadership are not reasons why she proved to be deadly advesary, but until more facts about her skills revealed, this was yet to be confirmed.

Cebus is an adult woman with tanned skin and brown hair whom during her debut, wearing standard police uniform. As Alter Leader, she wore black and orange zipped turtleneck, dark gray pants with yellow stripes on the sides, and a pair of leather boots.