Benzene Contractor
Vital statistics
First Appearance Weapon of Choice
Alias Donner
Nickname Ben
Age 14
Occupation Hero
Nationality USA

Benzene "Ben" Contractor is a teenage boy and is Steffi Frohlich's childhood friend and more recently, boyfriend.


Benzene is Steffi's childhood friend and the son of a couple of petroleum engineers. He's a military enthusiast, and plans to enlist when he's old enough someday. In addition he studies the martial art of taekwondo and works as an controller for Steffi's mech-fights.

Bite 5

Steffi met Benzene for the first time

He and Steffi met for the first time when Steffi treated in hospital due to her leg being blasted off by the mysterious assassin with his hand cannon that was intended to kill her father, but hit her leg instead due to her interference. They have grown to become close friends since then.


In contrast to Steffi's brash, hot blooded, charge-in-head-first attitude, Benzene is far more level headed and rational. He can be a bit sardonic at times and is not above snarking at Steffi's more half baked ideas. However he does care deeply for his friend and her being put in danger is the only time he's been seen to lose control of his emotions. Unfortunately this happens more often than he would like, meaning Steffi's new super hero career has proven most stressful for him.

However, after saving Steffi from Gear and later, joining the fight with her to capture Natrix, one of Alter's superiors, this stress eventually lessened, and was replaced by an eagerness to aid her more in the later battles, which led him to take on Donner as his superhero identity in the second battle. The notable instance of his eagerness was by contacting 42's creator and creating his own superhero alter-ego named Donner.

As Advisor To "Blitz"Edit


Benzene and Steffi understanding each other

Although Ben finds "blitz"' ideas and actions to be half-baked at times (sometimes even improvised), he enjoys working with her (despite his occasional frustration), and cares about her very much.

As "Donner"Edit


Benzene's "Donner" costume.

After his fight with Gear, Benzene takes a more active roll in fighting crime alongside Steffi and assumes the hero identiy of Donner ("Thunder" in German).  His current arsenal is comprised of weapons taken from their previous encounters, including Natrix's revolver and 35's katana.