Alter are the primary antagonists of Kiwi Blitz. They are a criminal organization that is mentioned by The Raccoon in Track 12, and later made their first actual appearance in Track 14.

Before Kiwi Blitz Edit

Not much is known about them so far in the past, but they recruited Chandra as their professional thief to do their bidding. Ever since being founded, they have been involved with criminal activities with Jones as their spy in the Police Deparment to keep the police from interfering. Although, some members of this criminal organization ended up being arrested by the police, either due to their mistake or Jones' own schemes in usurping ranks.


While the overall information about them has yet to be revealed, it was implied that they might be more deadly than the known criminals that the Police Department has faced. The superiors of the organization are known to perform specialized surgery that bestows their soldiers animalistic powers and traits (ex. Tigris performed surgery that gave her tiger-based superhuman powers).

Notable membersEdit