42 new look
Vital statistics
First Appearance Phony
Alias None
Nickname Four Two, Shini, Animebot
Age less than one year old
Occupation Data collection
Nationality Japanese (technically none as robots are not considered citizens)

42 is an android currently in the care of the Frohlichs. She is used for data management and hacking for when the Blitz team needs it.

Recently, she was partially hacked by Alter to turned against Frohlichs, but managed to override the process albeit made her decided to go with them. It's unclear whether she became the Frohlichs' enemies or simply became the mole for her allies.



42 in Steffi's house when her creator arrested

42 was built by famed Japanese roboticist Ishinomori Osamu and is one in a series of robots all with different specialities. Unfortunately in the Kiwi Blitz universe research and development of androids is illegal in Japan after an event known as the "Suppression War" and Ishinomori was being hunted by the police for his research into robotics.

While he was on the run, Ishinomori sent a number of his robots away or into hiding. 42 was sent to Heinrich Frohlich as he and Ishinomori were close friends. However shortly before 42 arrived at the Frohlich mansion and was activated, the police finally caught up to Ishinomori and placed him under arrest.  42 currently lives with Heinrich and Steffi Frohlich.


Being an android, 42 is believed to be devoid of emotions but is programmed to almost be smiling and maintain a polite demeanor. She was also programmed to have a certain disregard to laws when it comes to data privacy, as she was dessinged specifically with data gathering in mind. This likely a reason why she wind up join forces with Alter so she could gain more datas, if not due to Reinald Barkley's hacking, but we can't be sure yet.