35's katanna

This special 65cm long katana was the weapon of choice for 35 before her defeat at the hands of her sister 42.


35's katana was designed by a friend of Ishinomori so not even the enigmatic roboticist knew all the science behind the blade. When 35 was reprogrammed, she used this katana in her fight with 42 and at first fatally damaged her with it. However this was just a ruse on the part of 42 to disable 35 and when the combat droid was captured, 42 took possession of her sister's blade. It was handed over for researched by Heinrich Frohlich for possible use in upgrading the Kiwibot and is currently being used by Benzene as part of his "Donner" hero outfit.


35's katana emp

42 demonstrates the blade's EMP ability on Steffi's robotic leg.

35's katana is extremely sharp and can (apparently) cut cleanly through a robot's metal chasis in the hands of a skilled user.  It also emits a localized electromagnetic pulse whenever it strikes an object and  even a gentle tap is enough disable an unprotected electronic device.