Vital statistics
First Appearance Technology
Alias None
Nickname Three Five, Sango
Age Unknown
Occupation Robot hunter
Nationality Japanese (technically none as robots are not considered citizens)

35 is one in a series of androids built by Ishinomori Osamu as well as one of 42's older "sisters."


Like 42, 35 was illegally built by Dr. Osamu although her skills seem to have been more focused on physical combat. When the rest of the robots were sent off into hiding 35 was kept behind by Osamu for self defense and 42 had believed 35 had been destroyed when Osamu was arrested. In reality she had been captured and reprogrammed to hunt down the other Ishinomori robots. It's unknown whether or not 35 is the only one who has been reprogrammed or if there are other robots who suffer the same fate as her.

Presumably after managing to kill some of them, she then goes to hunt 42. Both 42 and 35 had a brief friendly conversazation before ultimately clashing at the forest near Frohlich's home. In spite of her advantage with her katana, 35 winds up defeated due to 42's hacking powers that briefly altered her perception: 35 was shown to have seemingly won the fight, but it turned out that we only see the illusion in her point of view as 42 has taken her katana away and incapacitated her. Her dismantled robotic body was later buried in the forest, where during this point, 42 has taken her katana away and guaranteed her siblings that they won't be destroyed.

Personality and TraitsEdit


As a combat model 35 is programmed with little to no emotional responses, which makes her appear cold and logical.

Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

35's primary weapon of choice is a special katana built with a feature that allows it to release a concentrated electromagnetic pulse on any metallic object the blade strikes. This effectively shuts down any electronics the sword cuts.